How to Get Started

Welcome to the Taylor-Smith Social Media platform

You are going to love this system! But first things first - how do you get started....

It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Log in

See that log in link at the top of the page? Right up there beside Get Started?Use the email address you just used to create your account and the temporary password of 123456. Once inside, change the password to something you will remember.

Can't see the Log In Link? Click here to Log In.

2. Connect your accounts

Once you are logged into your account on this service, open other tabs in your web browser and go log into your social media accounts (the ones you want to connect to) Use the Connections Tab in our admin area to add your accounts to our service. Click on the Social Media Connections you want to attach to this system and follow the instructions.

3. Schedule your posts!

Scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google for Business, Linked In (all included) and Instagram (for an additional cost) does not have to be such a chore anymore! Do it all from one place.

Want more than just the basics?

Want to learn how to use our system to get the most of your social media time? Sign up to our mailing list (this is just getting set up, so bear with us) to get our customer newsletter with helpful tips and tricks. At first you will get one email a day with tips on set up and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, then it will go down to one every few weeks (or once a month) as you get more comfortable with our program.

We are always here to answer questions! Feel free to chcek out our handy FAQ (which we will be adding to regularily) or to contact us at any time for assistance. We will get back to you within 2 business days.